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 As a fellow appraiser, I always refer “complex assignments” out to Kerry Dunn. He is a highly qualified professional, backed by years of experience. I would highly recommend him for any type of real estate assignment. – Melanie Lee Certified Appraiser Lee Appraisal


Services for Attorneys

Real estate practice for the legal community is an area of specialty, vastly different than the majority of work most appraisal firms handle.

This is an area of specialty for Chief Appraiser Kerry Dunn, specializing in family and estate valuations for single client, joint expert and mediation.


As an appraiser, Mr. Dunn can provide a wide variety of valuation products, from traditional URAR summary reports to limited scope valuations.

Experience matters in this area of specialty. Mr. Dunn is a state certified appraiser with over 20 years of experience in metro Denver real estate and is recognized in Colorado courts as a real estate expert.


Real Estate Expert Witness Group, Appraiser Expert Witness Group
Recognized in Colorado as an Expert Witness.