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4 Reasons to Use an Appraiser

As a realtor, you may not think about seeking out an appraiser to collaborate with directly.  There are, however, several critical marketing/selling situations where an appraiser’s services are ideal.

Here are four instances where you should consider engaging an appraiser:

1) Low purchase appraisal

Have an appraiser review the appraisal and create bullet points for an appraisal challenge.

2) Price modification

My realtor clients have found it very effective to have a formal appraisal done to justify a price reduction for aging over-priced listings.

3) Cash buyer appraisal

Many times, buyers feel more confident having an appraisal completed at purchase, even though there is no lender appraisal. This also shifts some liability away from selling agent.

4) Prelisting appraisal

When there is question as to marketable value, or when the listing agent and the seller have differing views of value, it’s often easy to settle the matter with a certified appraisal. This preserves your relationship with the seller, letting the appraiser be the bearer of bad news.

Next time you encounter one of these situation, think about how an appraiser could be an asset.

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